Internationally Recognized Composer, Pianist, Recording Artist and Music Educator...


Paul Kenny

Paul Kenny Music Academy, Music Tuition & Learning Centre
North West Coast Tasmania Australia

Piano ~ Organ ~ Keyboard ~ Music Theory
Composition (Song Writing) ~ Arranging/Orchestration
Computer Music (MIDI) ~ Recording
Distance Music Education
Progressive Music Tuition for Advanced Students
Teacher Training ~ Music Workshops

School Tutor Primary Levels:  Maths - English
Advanced Levels: Maths - Advanced Learning
Defense Force / Police Entry Exam Training: Maths, English
Advanced Learning Techniques / Super Learning Classes for Grades 10,11,12+

Children and Adults. Learn for Fun and Enjoyment or Exams. 
Weekly or Fortnightly Lessons Available.  Qualified Teacher with over 30 Years Experience.

Advanced learning with focused attention in a one-to-one
environment assisting students to reach their full potential.


Phone: 03 6435 4301   Phone/SMS: 0413 488 004



Phone: 03 6435 4301 

Phone/SMS: 0413 488 004


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Advanced Learning
Super Learning
Tuition for Grades 10,11,12+
Elements of the "Mozart Effect"

Paul Kenny
Australian Composer, Pianist,
Educator, Author

Phone: 03 6435 4301
Mobile: 0413 488 004

International: +61 413 488 004


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Paul Kenny (Composer, Music Teacher, Educator)...
This is your opportunity to gain music tuition from a multi-talented teacher. Paul takes your tuition to another level through not only his expertise but also by presenting his students with more opportunities. Taking piano lessons with Paul may only be the beginning as he will help build on your skills through his vision to develop... "Music for Life" 

Paul started his musical career on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. While studying music Paul began performing in venues across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Paul has been involved with many artists performing in various bands, jazz bands, solo and duo performances for functions, weddings, session keyboard player in recording studios and major events also concert artist for several major piano brands. Paul has been a music teacher, performer and composer for over 30 years with many of his students continuing studies to be professional musicians, church organists, private music teachers or school music teachers in Australia and also overseas. Pauls extensive music career spans over 30 years with musical accolades and degrees which include Bachelor of Arts (Music), Associate of Music, Licentiate in Composition, Bachelor in Business Administration. Paul is also a Fellowship Member  of the Academy of St. Cecilia London and a Fellowship Member of the Cambridge Society of Musicians,  Fellowship Member of the Australian Guild of Church Musicians as well as a Professional Member of the Australian Society of Music Educators, Senior Registered Member of Tasmanian Music Teachers Association (TMTA) and Senior Member of the International Standards and Ethics Commission and International Judge and Advisor of the Inni’City Super Music Laboratory Challenge.

Paul Kenny  
Australian Composer, Pianist, Educator, Author, Philosopher.
B.S.B.A., B.A. (Mus.), B.A. (M.T.), A.Mus. (A.T.C.U.), L.Comp. (A.S.M.C.), 
F.A.S.C., F.C.S.M., F.A.G.C.M., M.I.M.T., A.S.M.E., I.S.E.C., T.M.T.A.
Senior Registered Member of Tasmanian Music Teachers Association (TMTA)

Senior Member of the International Standards and Ethics Commission (ISEC) and
International Judge and Advisor of the Inni’City Super Music Laboratory Challenge.
The National Youth Development Trust [NYDT] is a non-profit organization focusing on career path
development in Africa and many other countries around the world. Web site link... 

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Paul Kenny (Australian Composer)...
Paul is an extraordinarily diverse composer drawing on a wide range of influences incorporating an almost classical like melody and more experimental digital influences within his music leading to an innovative style of truly inspirational and a magical style of music. (News/Media).

Paul's beautiful compositions have touched the hearts and minds of thousands of people world wide. Composing and recording at his recording studio located in Queensland and Tasmania Australia, Paul is at the cross-road of two worlds. Hi-Tech recording technology combine with the ‘Sounds of Nature’ to produce relaxation music that is able to take you on a journey of relaxation, magic and discovery. Nature sounds are recorded on location in hidden rainforests areas and untouched ocean beaches located in Australia. Music is then composed to enhance the atmospheric sounds of nature.   More information can be found here.

Music Downloads Available at:    iTunes    BigPond Music 


Children and Adults... Learn for Fun and Enjoyment or Exams.
Internationally Recognized Composer, Pianist and Qualified Music Teacher with over 30 Years Experience.
Children Music Classes - 30mins or 1hr.   Adult Music Classes - 1hr.

* Students need to be committed to practice at least 30mins each day.  Min 3hrs practice per week.
* Students need to be committed to learning and advancing their musical skills.
* Students need to arrive on time with all of their music and theory books ready for the lesson.
* Any missed lessons without notice of at least 24hrs ahead of time will need to be paid for.

Phone: 03 6435 4301  Mobile/SMS: 0413 488 004 

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Trinity College London
(Australian Music Examinations Board)

ANZCA (Australian & New Zealand Cultural Arts)

ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London)

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Burnie, Wynyard, Yolla, Somerset, Penguin, Sulphur Creek, West Pine,
Ulverstone, Turners Beach, Forth, Devonport.
North West Coast, Tasmania, Australia.

Music Workshops - Contact for Workshop times.

By Appointment.


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